The Distillers Car Club Visit to Bentley and the Peak District

Armchair Luxury

2016-07-15-12-47-27Distillers are nothing if not creatures of comfort. Easing back in the luxury of a plush leather armchair, feet out on the deep pile wilton carpet surrounded by beautiful wooden paneling while reaching for the rich smokey amber texture of a Double Black Label over ice are of course common activities for many of us.

Perhaps not normally in the car though, unless it seems, you own a Bentley Flying Spur, but completely normal if you do, and of course James, Johann, or Joao is in the drivers seat wafting you home from an evening at Glyndebourne say and pouring the drinks from the beautifully crafted hidden cabinet.

We can but dream, and dream we did courtesy of Richard Charlesworth his assistant Vicky and the entire team in Crewe who gave us the most entertaining VIP visit and lunch in July for the Distillers Car Club members attending our annual weekend away. I have a feeling that at least one of our group was doing a bit more than dreaming but we will have to see what happens in a future episode and what he arrives in ….

Our beautiful hotel in the Peak District where we repaired for relaxing spas walks and dinner but no pot-holing on this occasion seemed therefore entirely appropriate even if we had slightly less ambitious hardware in the car park. John and Kim Barrett did a great job though in keeping the dream going in their 1965 elegant but masterful Alvis TD and Nick and Louise Carr were equally prominent in their newly restored and muscular Jensen Interceptor.

A delightfully sociable and relaxing weekend in the company of other Distillers; a serious study tour of Bentleys famous works viewing the craft of making their luxurious and by the way very quick motor cars; examining their collection of priceless Le Mans winners; driving in this dramatic and beautiful and rugged landscape. What more could you want? Well perhaps another whisky, James, and then straight home.

Richard Watling
Upper Warden
July 26th 2016