A Mansion House Banquet to remember!

The Lord Mayor, Lord Mountevans, and Lady Mountevans graced the Livery with their presence at our annual dinner at The Mansion House on October 7th. All Distillers’ lunches and dinners are memorable affairs, but the Mansion House Dinner is always a strongly supported event. It is a favourite among the Livery as it is an occasion for us to bring our wives, partners and friends so they can experience what makes our Livery so special. Our Master was determined that the Lord Mayor would have a memorable evening as his Mayoralty draws to a close. Indeed, this was also the last dinner that Douglas chaired as Master. During his tenure, he has treated us to some excellent wines from Bordeaux and tonight’s dinner was the highlight of an extraordinary year’s tour of the Bordeaux region: a delicious and rare white from St Estephe, Chateau Tronquoy Lalande 2012; and the perfectively splendid 2005 Chateau Montrose. We were delighted to have Hervé Berland, MD of these two wonderful estates, join us for the evening.


Following the Bloomsbury Sloe Gin Loving Cup, another big gun was fired: Dow 1985. This magnificent thirty-one year old port was as spectacular in its own way as the Chateau Montrose. It retains a deep ruby colour, no sign of age here, and exhaled a vigorous, sweet and marvellously refined bouquet. As Distillers, we are always delighted to show our guests the very finest whisky. The Balvenie Double Wood 12 year old Single Malt is as seductive an after dinner malt as it is possible to find.
We were treated to the blood stirring sound of the bagpipes, played by two pipers of our Regiment, The London Scottish, and we were serenaded throughout the evening by the London Banqueting Ensemble. Finally, we marvelled at the trumpeters as they duelled in the Post Horn Gallop; no dinner at the Mansion House is complete without these virtuosos.

The speeches given by the Master, the Lord Mayor and the philanthropist and foster father of ninety (!) children, John Timpson CBE were both witty and interesting.


During his speech, the Master thanked the Gin Guild and Stephen Gould of Golden Distillery for the presentation of a beautifully restored British Naval Midshipman’s dagger dating back to the 1750s which will join the other ceremonial weapons used in our Loving Cup ceremonies. Be sure to write the Mansion House Dinner on October 12 2017 in your diary immediately!

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