Hine releases two 1987 vintage cognacs

Courtesy of The Drinks Report

Anchor Distilling Company’s cognac brand Hine has released a pair of 1987 vintage cognacs, a Jarnac-matured and an Early-Landed.

Hine claims to have initiated the concept of making rarities and vintage cognacs commercially available throughout the world. In each exceptional year, Hine has set aside casks of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie to mature in the 18th century cellars beneath its offices in Jarnac, or be shipped in cask to the UK and matured as Early-Landed cognac.

The custom of Early-Landed cognac at Hine dates back to the 19th century when casks were first shipped to Bristol, to mature in the unique conditions offered in south-west England. The 1987 Early-Landed was shipped in fine-grained French oak casks to Wickwar, near Bristol, at the end of 1989 to gently develop and mature to perfection in dark, damp cellars.

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