Liverymen and guests gather for first lunch of 2017

The Master and Rory Mackenzie
The Master and Rory Mackenzie

Liverymen and guests gathered to enjoy the first lunch of 2017. It followed a Court meeting where seven new Liverymen were installed into the Livery, and a charitable theme soon followed.

Salvatore Damiano and William Lay received their WSET Scholarship certificates, and will spend some time experiencing the spirits industry, while Helena Conibear (AET) was recognized by the Master as her charity is a major recipient of Livery Funds.

Alan Montague-Dennis welcomed the guests and introduced the next speaker, Rory Mackenzie, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan where he suffered amputation of one leg.

Rory gave us an inspirational and motivating speech on how he overcame his physical and mental health challenges and faced his new life. His account told of being invited to join the Atlantic Rowing Challenge with other military servicemen, despite having not rowed before, and succeeding in rowing over 3000 miles during a two month period. His anecdotes were truly memorable.

The Master updated us on the recent Court activities, and invited Liverymen to consider joining him on this June’s visit to Schiedam to meet the Genever Gin Guild there. He thanked the new Communications Team, led by Middle Warden Martin Riley, on the recent launch of the new website, and recognized Liveryman Chris Searle and Steward and Liveryman Paul Finch for all the efforts in driving this project.

Liveryman Damian Riley-Smith, newly installed as a Steward, and his team from Paragraph Publishing, were thanked for all their support in producing our printed materials e.g the Distillate and their editing skills in managing the website content to keep it up to date. Equally the daily news feeds from Just Drinks and The Drinks Report gives all liverymen the incentive to visit the website frequently.

The Master concluded by saying that the consorts’ lunch, for the first time, was taking place locally in the Innholders Hall, and inviting all to join him for a concluding drink upstairs.