Car Club visit to Copper Rivet Distillery

What do Bob, Ann, Matthew, Joyce, Janet, and Sandy have in common?

To find the answer, find a straight flying crow and send it 30.999 miles due east of the City of London to the banks of the river Medway. As it hovers above Upnor Castle it will see on the opposite bank of the River Medway the recently renovated Pump House, today the home of our above mentioned quintet, and the location of the new Copper Rivet Distillery.

Owned by Liveryman Bob Russell, Copper Rivet was the scene of a recent Livery car club visit. It also witnessed the ancient procedural gin inspection, whereby in a profound peroration, the Clerk confirmed that the Worshipful Company’s authority in such affairs now extended to 31 miles from the City of London. Our gowned and robed Master, together with Clerk and Beadle then exercised his rites to inspect and approve the Distillery and its products.

We were then given a personal tour by Bob, whose business USP is that everything to do with his production is locally sourced. The wheat and barley are grown in Kent, his three bespoke stills, Joyce, Janet, and Sandy were built and assembled just up the road, and his labelling of Dockyard Gin and other spirits reflects the local nautical history. Another neat Company connection is that Head Distiller Abhishek Banik had won our Heriot-Watt scholarship ten years ago after completing his dissertation on gin.

This most generous and enjoyable visit started with the warmest of welcomes from Bob, his wife Ann, and Livery son Matthew, with croissants and coffee being served on arrival in the adjacent delicatessen, the visit involved much tasting and libations, and concluded with lunch in The Powder and Magazine restaurant.

A day with a true nautical flavour, as many members also took the opportunity of visiting the submarine, destroyer, lifeboat museum and Ropery in Chatham dockyard itself.