Doggetts Coat and Badge Race

The sun god is without question in the ascendancy this year, as we weaved this fun day out on the Thames through the complex of rainy fronts and found a day’s worth of glorious sunny weather. Cannily deciding to lead rather than follow the scullers in order to have a chance of seeing their tiny craft, we moored at Battersea amongst a jolly group of observers’ ships from fellow liveries. The grand fleet passed by to the finish line with serious umpires keeping order and former winners of this, the oldest rowing race in the world, parading in their beautiful scarlet robes and badges. Four and half miles in half an hour is pretty strong sculling,but they showed little signs of stress, apart from the back marker being pressed by the following fleet; he was heartily applauded for his endeavours.
As we slipped our mooring, lunch was served and, as the decibels rose,we were once again reminded of what friendly people the liverymen and their consorts are. Our initial fears that the trip might be a little long were quickly displaced by worries about whether we would disembark in time, such was the banter and chat on the top deck as friendships were made or renewed. Fortunately, our honorary Chaplain was with us and,as has become a feature of this year,produced another stunning grace,having been given just 5 minutes by the Master to prepare. My thanks to the Mistress for supporting what we initially thought was a barmy idea and to Liveryman Julia Thorold for doing all the hard work of administration and photography! Just what we needed before leaving for the summer recess! Have good holidays all and we look forward to seeing you in September, perhaps at the Scottish Rally.
The Master and Mistress