My Last Day As Master – Master’s Blog

Just when you think it is all over, suddenly there is a flare of activity the day before the installation of the new Master.

At 8am we were both in the Mercers Hall taking part in the inter-livery initiative to propose a charitable mission that all Liveries could take part in if they wish. There has been great progress on a common narrative on the role and benefits of the Livery movement, and development of work-streams to address important social issues and ways that Liveries can work together on constructively.

Then at 11am we were in the beautiful surroundings of Westminster Cathedral celebrating the day of St Cecilia the patron saint of music, a wonderful end to a year of great services.

An end of year celebration followed with the Clerks office and Wardens to thank them for the tremendous support given to the Mistress and me over the last year.

And finally it’s the evening and it is the turn of the Actuaries to put on a lecture at the beautiful hall in Staple Yard Chancery Lane – in another of the beautifully peaceful yards that this area excels in, yards from main roads.

Normally a talk on statistics would not have me running for the tube to get there, but this one was different, with a fascinating insight into the dodgy methods used by unscrupulous communicators given by Sir David Spiegelhalter Winton Professsor of Risk at Cambridge. You cannot always tell from the label what these talks are going to be – this one should be compulsory for all politicians and dare I say, marketors. Brilliant, incisive and very amusing so see the way that “statistics” are manipulated to suit the story of the writer.

In one day here were elements of everything that the livery movement is all about. Fellowship, Charity, and Education. It has been a wonderful year learning about the city and representing the Company. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have had and would like to thank everyone especially Kim Lyons, The Learned Clerk, the Court, the Wardens, Stewards and the many Liverymen who have who have given unstintingly of their their time and knowledge and helped me on this amazing journey. Thank you all it has been a great ride.