Who Was That Sailor I Saw You Kissing?

A group of Consorts joined The Mistress, Nicola Riley, and her guest Fiona Adler, for a very sociable lunch at Innholders’ Hall. After making the most of the opportunity to catch up with each others’ news over a delicious lunch we had the privilege of listening to Fiona Adler talking about her varied career including practicing as an NLP Coach helping children to overcome bullying.  She was the first female to become Master of the Worshipful Company of Tobacco Pipe Makers and Tobacco Blenders, and feels passionately about protecting the history of The City of London.  

Fiona was elected as non-Aldermanic Sheriff supporting Lord Mayor Alan Yarrow and shared with us the highlights of her year; an exciting moment was attending the installation of the Lord Mayor at the Silent Ceremony and all the celebrations which followed (a trip on The Gloriana down the Thames surrounded by small boats prior to The Lord Mayor’s Show (originally the show only took place on the Thames, hence the name “floats”) before being driven with a blue light police escort back to Guildhall to join the Show in a carriage lent by The Queen). A sombre occasion was the service in St Paul’s Cathedral commemorating the end of the Afghanistan combat in which 453 lives were lost. Seeing her on television, her sister texted “Who was that sailor I saw you kissing” to which Fiona replied “Just The First Sea Lord”!  Fiona finished to great applause by reminding us of the importance of the City’s and the Liveries’ support of the Forces to whom we owe an enormous debt of gratitude.