Brands Hatch – The Ultimate Driving Experience

On a beautiful day at the famous race circuit of Brands Hatch, seven intrepid Liverymen with sons and friends arrived to experience some drives of a lifetime. The lineup were five supercars including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Audis, BMWs and Nissans. All were at our disposal, three laps in each car, objective; drive as safely and as fast as you like and try not to embarrass yourself or the instructor! Simple, I hear you say? Well, with over 500 BHP available in each car and one of the trickiest circuits in the country, Livery reputation was at stake. Everyone was concentrating on race lines through corners to maximize speed and get the feel and ability of the car, just as Hamilton does it, well nearly.

Some of the more adventurous decided to take one of the options. A drive in the famous Nissan GTR that featured in the film Fast n’ Furious. This monster churns out 850 BHP; wheels spin under acceleration in 5th gear! It was real test of one’s nerve, especially when the instructor said nail it! Car and drivers all survived but there was just one last experience. A drive with an instructor in an Ariel Atom. It is hard to describe this car to anyone who has never seen one. No outside body, two seats, turbo charged motorbike engine, 0-60 in 2.9 secs, weight 600kg, and death defying road holding, all in the hands of 20 years old racing driver. After one lap most just said insane, brutal, best fair ground ride ever. 

After this tiring morning we retired to a local pub to recount our experiences, Nick Carr and his son decided to go back in the afternoon to do the Ariel drive, which they had missed, we wished them well and hoped he did not have to enjoy their lunch again. We understand there were no digestive problems following their ride!

Just a great day out with great friends.