Haymans open their new doors to the livery!

The Hayman family of Christopher, Karen, James and Miranda welcomed The Master and Wardens and members of the Livery to their new distillery – Hayman’s of London – The Home of English Gin (opened in March 2018) in down town Balham, London SW12 on Thursday 4th July.

After a refreshing G&T we sat down and Chris (no relation) explained the style and balance of the three Hayman Gin brands.  HAYMAN’S OLD TOM GIN  –  HAYMAN’S LONDON DRY GIN  –  HAYMAN’S SLOE GIN. We then ‘nosed’ and finally sampled the products.

We then moved to the BOTANICALS ROOM where Daryl explained the 10 botanicals that went into the distillation. We then had the opportunity of ‘grinding’ the botanicals into a mortar bowl and pestal and then ‘nosing’ our efforts. All very educational!

Finally, we adjourned to the Balcony Bar overlooking the three ‘stills’ where John, the Barman, had produced the classic ‘MARTINEZ’  made up of Hayman’s Old Tom gin – dry vermouth – maraschino – angostura bitters – orange bitters – all shaken and not stirred. Served in a beautiful glass. Absolute luxury.

It was all great fun but at the same time educational.

Thank you so much, the Hayman family for a wonderful evening

The annual Inspection of a Distillery in the Cities of London and Westminster and within a 31 mile radius outside the Cities by the Master and Wardens is a privilege given to the Worshipful Company of Distillers in their Royal Charter.

This year Hayman’s Distillery in Balham was selected and the Master and Wardens were shown the stills and tasted the spirit and the botanicals used in the production of Hayman’s London Dry Gin. 

The Master spoke about the quality of Hayman’s spirit and Gins and that the Masters and Wardens were very impressed with what they had seen and tasted. 

Accordingly the certificate of Inspection from the Livery Company was handed over to Christopher Hayman who received it on behalf of his family and Company.