The Master’s Honorary Doctorate

On July 15 The Master received an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Greenwich in recognition of the support he has given to the Business School over the last 7 years.

He has been a member of the Advisory Board and has given lectures on marketing and mentored business students and young entrepreneurs during that time.

The Business School has consistently increased its reputation and performance ratings over the last few years and has ambitious plans for the future.

The event was held in the Chapel of the Royal Naval College in Greenwich which is where the main campus of the University is located and where the Graduates of the Business School also received their degrees.

The Chancellor Lord Boateng presented the Honorary Doctorate Certificate and the Head of the Business School read the eulogy which referred to his career and the role he has played within the University.

Lord Boateng who as Paul Boateng was appointed Chief Secretary to the Treasury in 2002 reminded the Master that they had met previously in the House of Commons when he presented the argument for not increasing UK duties on Scotch whisky and Gin to the Treasury Select Committee of which he was a member.

The Chancellor who was also British High Commissioner for South Africa from 2005 -2009, hosted a private lunch after the Ceremony at which the Mistress and their son James were present.

The Master wore his Livery tie for the occasion!