Master’s Blog – January 2020

As I mentioned in the newsletter, it is scarcely believable that I write this with over a quarter of my Master’s year gone already. Time does fly when one is enjoying oneself.

As regards the newsletter, I feel I must mention the quality of the content and production of that publication and thank and congratulate the production team led by Paul Finch for a fantastic job.

After a frenetic December and a lovely Christmas and New Year back home, January started slowly by comparison but still involved two weeks in London.

The first week in town started with internal meetings with the Dev. Director, Assistant Clerk and the Industry Committee and highlighted just how much is going on in our very vibrant Livery..

As the week progressed with a food tasting in Canary Wharf for the February lunch accompanied by Kim and the hugely supportive & knowledgeable Jonathan Orr Ewing I did reflect on the slightly surreal nature of the role. (Thanks also to Jonathan for his excellent jar of marmalade. I may become quite Paddington -like!! What with the marmalade and living out of a suitcase! Ironically Paddington one of the few stations I haven’t visited this month.)

Next up was lunch in the Cavalry and Guards Club hosted by Alan Montague-Dennis with Clive Bairsto, Richard Watling and a prospective Corporate Freeman.

This was followed, after a record-breaking taxi journey to The Sanctuary, by a Interview/Presentation and Freedom Ceremony for a group of new Freemen, again highlighting the Vibrancy and appeal of our Livery.

The next week in London included our Charity meeting, where , amongst other major developments, we discussed the excellent response to our appeal for Charity Volunteering.

Thank you to everyone who responded. This initiative will build on all of the excellent Charity initiatives that are being discussed and continue to boost our Charitable profile.

Last meeting of the week was with Fortnum and Masons and The Dev Director where we discussed the possibility of a Livery visit which we hope will take place over the summer months.

We both left with the legendary F&M Scotch egg (they are delicious!) as a gift and I managed to avoid the very real temptation of eating it on the way to City Airport and the flight home.

The end of January saw The Mistress and I head for the West Coast of Scotland and some of the windiest weather I have encountered. Relaxing nonetheless.