Lockdown, Labradors and Lycra

For inspiration on what to include in my blog I normally turn first to my past month’s diary and  am always surprised at how quickly time has passed and how many of the things I had already forgotten about. This month’s blog was always going to be a challenge and a glance back at the diary revealed nothing whatsoever about what I had actually done but a perfect record of what I didn’t do. Day after day of meticulously planned City events which didn’t take place and I didn’t attend but nothing whatsoever to record what I did during lockdown. I did consider a virtual blog which would have listed the cancelled events for anyone reading this but decided against it and want to start instead by talking about Lycra.

Lycra? You ask! The Master has definitely lost the plot during lockdown I hear you say.

 I suppose that’s probably true – to a certain extent. 

There’s Lycra everywhere, or am I the only one who has noticed? It’s everywhere – walkers, runners, cyclists, men pushing prams, home gyms. You can’t escape it and I have to admit I wear it too. I never thought I would see the day but… there you are. I’ve admitted it.

As I continue to obsess about this amazing fabric aka Spandex (did you know that’s an anagram for expands?) I got to thinking how like lockdown it is. What I mean is, it just adapts. Just like we have all had to. It adapts to all shapes and sizes (no matter how odd these might be) and it quite quickly feels part of us and perfectly normal. Everyone is doing it and as we change shape during lockdown (one way or another!) it changes with us.

My own Lycra wardrobe has expanded considerably since I began to use my allocated daily exercise period to put some miles in on my bike. Some of you might remember that I had planned to ride to London in April as a fund raiser but like everything else this has been postponed  ,until September.

Our comms team have been obsessing about a photo in Lycra for some time so I do hope they are happy with this intro and with the slightly plump vision in the perfectly fitting Lycra trimmed in (as close as I could get) Distillers blue!

On the subject of The Comms team, I would like to say a huge thanks and  pay tribute to Chris S and Paul who along with Kim and Ed have done such an amazing job in keeping us all updated on Livery activities during the lockdown and for contributing to the work of our Covid-19 response Task group. 

The Task group which I mentioned last month continues to be very active and meet on Zoom once a week. The Livery Emergency Auction fund in favour of the Drinks trust is our key area of focus at the moment so if you read this and haven’t already donated a special bottle ( anything alcoholic spirit is welcome or champagne!) please have a look in the cupboard or the cabinet. Thank you.

The Task group normally meets late Friday afternoon and after our meetings normally head to the virtual pub (The Zoom Gordon Arms) for a quick drink together before the weekend. Very enjoyable it is too.

What else to talk about during April?

Well, I turned 60 years old and in lieu of a party had a family Zoom event which was hilarious.

Had hoped to have celebrated with a few more of you but like everything else it will just have to wait until later, whenever that will be?

All in all, lockdown for us has not been too bad and, in fact, some bits of it are a really pleasant change but I also have to keep trying to remind myself that for some there is little pleasant about it.

Aside from those who have lost loved ones who should never be forgotten, there are huge numbers suffering economically. In a small town like Auchterarder where we live, our local Church is distributing food vouchers to over 40 families. In London young people from our trade are actually sleeping rough as their incomes have dried up and they are unable to pay rent. Many small businesses are on the brink of collapse or are deeply worried about an uncertain future, particularly in the On Trade.

I am hugely grateful for the wonderful response by the  Distillers Livery to our appeal on behalf of The Drinks Trust who are trying to help alleviate some of that hardship and want to say a personal thanks to everyone involved and ask you to continue to support our continuing initiatives in this area.

I’m off for a bike run now. Wearing guess what?

God bless and stay safe