Blooming Zooming June

Whilst the South of the UK experienced something of a heatwave Scotland remained mercifully much cooler but with its fair share of decent weather interspersed by some very heavy rainfall.

Result – the reservoirs are full again, the place is green as usual and the weeds are growing out of control (as usual). I occasionally ponder what might have been had things been different and we were based in London as planned. I would have been longing for the cool Scottish air no doubt and complaining about the heat. Be careful what you wish/plan for!!!

Nothing recently has been as planned and certainly not the “deluge” of Zoom meetings on-line, but quietly and quickly they have become the new norm. It’s how we communicate and how we do business.

How did we manage without them?

As far as the Distillers Livery are concerned they are now indispensable and one wonders whether we will ever go back to normal (whatever that is/was!)??

Early June saw the first Master & Wardens Committee conducted by Zoom and once everyone got the hang of the politics and protocols was a very effective meeting.

The Covid Task Force of The Wardens, Clerks Office , Dev Director, Comms guru Paul Finch and I meet every Friday on Zoom, plans and executes our on-going Charitable and other activities & responses. It’s become the ultimate cliché. The New Norm. Apart from allowing a platform to coordinate our initial Drinks Trust appeal it also allowed us the opportunity to  support the excellent initiative  of The Auction and its great to witness our Livery raising and donating over £100k for that Charity already this year.

Apart from being an effective means by which to do business we always repair to the virtual pub for a quick drink in what now seems the normal start to the weekend. Very nice it is too, catching up at the end of a week. Distillers have even invested in their own Licence meaning our meetings can now go on for over 40 minutes without Cyber Squatting it the Grant “Gordon Arms” virtual pub!

The 16th June was a big day for Toby Whittaker who become the first ever Distiller to receive his City Freedom via Zoom and I was delighted to be able to log in and witness that occasion

Since then, I have personally attended a Lord Mayors Coffee Morning with other Masters & Clerks from the wider Food & Drink Livery Companies where a lively topic of conversation was when Marmite might be back on the shelves and the Brewers explaining the apparent shortage of Brewer’s Yeast.

As the month moved progressed it was on to the Zoom Virtual Ironbridge (replacing The Master and Mistress’s away weekend in Telford)  and the creation of our Past Masters Association – with only a few at The Zoom meeting that I had actually met. The name of this year’s Association?

The Zoomers!!

Last week saw our first ever Court meeting by Zoom and 29 of The Court attended and mercifully the technology seemed to work for all. 

Coupled with the recent introduction of a Twitter and a LinkedIn account set up for the auction, you will no doubt be reading this on our all new website. Congratulations to the Comms team for their efforts. Towards the end of the month, Fri 26th saw me have 6 Zoom meetings in one day, all lasting over an hour. It got all the work done and we had our normal Task Force drinks but it did leave me longing for some real face to face meetings and a huge realisation although efficient, Zoom is actually quite tiring, despite being like hours in front of the telly!!