First virtual Installation Ceremony held for new liverymen

The first virtual installation ceremony for new liverymen to be accepted into the company took place last Friday, led by the Master with the Wardens and Clerk in attendance, and the nominees were accompanied by their Court sponsors.

The Oaths to the Livery were supervised by the Clerk, and each candidature in turn read out the investiture, swearing allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen, and obedience to the Master.

Amanda Garnham

Amanda Garnham, sponsored by IPM Martin Riley , has been working for the Bureau National Interproffesioniel de l’Armagnac since 2003, and is their Attache de Presse and Educator. She lives in LaGardere in the Armagnac region.

Sir Roger Gifford

Sir Roger Gifford , sponsored by Brian Morrison, was previously in International Banking, and was Lord Mayor of the City of London in 2012/3. He is already a member of three other livery companies, Musicians, Cord Wainers, and the International Bankers.

Sir Roger took both the Oath as a Freeman, and then as a Liverymen, being already a Freeman of the City of London.

Toby Whittaker

Toby Whittaker, sponsored by Christopher Hayman , is the Founder of  Whittaker’s Gin since 2016, which he runs with his wife on a Farm outside Harrogate. Toby was introduced via the Gin Guild.