I am delighted to be writing to you now that the inaugural Distillers’ One of One Auction is live online.   The online listings went live on Sotheby’s website on Tuesday 9th November

The auction has been made possible by donations and support from across the whole Scotch Whisky industry and I am truly grateful for the support and generosity that has been shown.    This support has meant that we have been able to curate over 40 lots of some of the rarest and most valuable Scotch whiskies – all with an element of uniqueness that makes them each, truly, a One of One – never to be repeated.     The lots are designed to showcase the excellence in craftsmanship, innovation, and value of Scotch Whisky and I believe that they do that in the most spectacular way.   The low estimate for the lots at auction is £1.2million, which is an extraordinary achievement, and one which will be transformational for our charitable endeavours.

We are hard at work publicising the Auction with the support of PR and social media activity and, we are keen to maximise awareness of the Auction to reach as many potential buyers as possible and ensure that the lots are sold for the highest price that can be achieved on the day.  It is for that reason that I am posting today with two requests, could you please:

Share details of the auction with any contacts, or potential buyers, or collectors that you think might be interested in bidding in the auction and encourage them to register to bid with Sotheby’s.   Details of how that can be done are set out below; and

If you are a social media user (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin) could I ask that you copy and paste the template post (see below) and post this (along with the photo in this post) on your social media account along with the hashtag #Distillers1of1. Social Media will play a key role in promoting the auction and we would be grateful if you could engage with our social media accounts (listed below) by following, sharing posts and posting about the auction yourself. As an example, many of us will have many 100s of contacts on Linkedin and just one post could make all the difference in reaching a potential buyer. 

Thank you again for your continued support

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Driver 

Master 2020 – 2021

Social Media

Template Social Media Post (Please use the photo in your post)

The Distillers’ Charity (the philanthropic arm of The Worshipful Company of Distillers) and Sotheby’s have joined forces to host a series of biennial auctions of ultra-rare and unique Scotch whiskies and experiences under the name “The Distillers One of One”. Proceeds from the One of One auction will benefit the Youth Action Fund, which aims to transform the life chances of young people in Scotland.

Today marks the start of your chance to own one of the ultra-rare and unique Scotch Whiskies and support The Distillers’ Charity. 

Online bidding is now open through the Sotheby’s website:


Social Media Accounts

The Distillers One of One accounts/handles are as follows: 

Instagram: @distillers1of1 

Twitter: @distillers1of1 

Facebook: @distillers1of1