Sir Théodore Turquet de Mayerne Portrait Unveiling

Representatives from the Courts of the Apothecaries Society and the Distillers Company gathered together in Apothecaries’ Hall on Monday 22nd November to witness the unveiling of a recently acquired, 17th Century portrait of our Founder, Sir Théodore Turquet de Mayerne.

The Master with the de Mayerne portrait on the right

Together with Gideon de Laune, (seen in the portrait on the left) de Mayerne worked tirelessly to deliver the Apothecaries split with the Grocers to achieve the split in 1617, ideally placed in his position as personal physician to the Monarch, James I, as de Laune was personal Apothecary to the Queen. De Mayerne then went on to petition successfully for the establishment of the Distillers Company in 1638.

The acquisition of the de Mayerne portrait has given the Society of Apothecaries the opportunity to hang together pictures of two men who were instrumental in the creation of our two Companies.

It’s so important to understand and appreciate just how much of an innovator, philanthropist and educator our Founder, Sir Theodore, was. It is only right that the two companies who owe the most to him are together tonight to recognise his life and achievements. We’re very grateful to the Apothercaries for their warm hospitality and most kind invitation to participate in the celebration not just of the portrait’s acquisition, but the life of this extraordinary man

Chris Porter, Master

The full transcript of The Master’s speech in tribute to Sir Theordore is available to download (.docx)

The Master and Members of the Court

The de Laune portrait is an original oil-on-Board painting by Cornelius Janssen (Johnson) van Ceulen (of Cologne) (1503-1661), whilst the de Mayerne portrait is oil-on-canvas and described as “school of” Cornelius Jansen, and was probably produced in his studio some years after the de Laune.