Distillers Visit to RAF Lossiemouth

In support of our affiliation with 603 Squadron and the role Reservists play in the military, Liveryman Matt Gammell and Hon Assistant Michael Urquhart were invited to RAF Lossiemouth along with Scottish employers to hear first-hand how Reservists play an important part in the RAF today. It is very much a two-way flow between the RAF and the Reservists where skills, such as leadership and teamwork, learned in a military setting can be taken into a civilian setting and the employer can benefit from this.

L – R: Matt Gammell, Sqn Ldr Derek Read, Michael Urquhart

RAF Lossiemouth is a busy base, home to one of two RAF Quick Reaction Alert stations that protects UK airspace with aircraft on constant readiness that can be airborne in a matter of minutes. In addition, there are four squadrons of Typhoons and one squadron of Poseidon P8, a multi role maritime patrol aircraft, and two RAF Regiment Squadrons (one Reservists). A combination of regular and reservist personnel ensure the base can operate to its full capacity either protecting the UK airspace or on support operations worldwide. 603 Squadron supports the work of RAF Lossiemouth.

In the next year or so they will be joined by three E-7 Wedgetail (based on a Boeing 737 plane like the Poseidon) early warning radar aircraft so RAF Lossiemouth will continue to be a hive of activity.

RAF Reserve Stakeholders visit RAF Lossiemouth | MOD Crown Copyright
RAF Reserve Stakeholders visit RAF Lossiemouth | MOD Crown Copyright