Alice Pearson awarded IBD Bursary

In the traditional world of distilling it is not often that you meet a young person so deeply and enthusiastically committing themselves to this craft. But things are changing, the gin world has changed dramatically over the last ten years and now things are really happening in the new wave of whisky distilling.

It is with great pleasure therefore that we welcome Alice Pearson of Cotswolds Distillery to our Worshipful Company with a bursary to undertake the three-year course for the Diploma in Distilling at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London.

Alice Pearson

This is a major commitment which she is taking on with characteristic enthusiasm and dedication. For the Distillers she is one of the first students to receive this award in our new strategy of longer term support for promising young distillers.

Starting as a guide at the distillery Alice is now responsible for new product development as well as cask selection of whisky for maturing, vatting and bottling especially in the premium special releases. She has already been recognised as an “Emerging Talent in Spirits” at the 2021 IWSC awards and congratulated on producing the top English Old Tom Gin.

But to show that her heart is still in the distillery as well as in the tasting room she also has a licence to drive the forklift truck essential for moving around the large vats of high strength spirit. We look forward to helping her with developing her academic and practical skills and hopefully tasting some of her fine new whiskies and gins!

Nicholas Carr