Warner’s Distillery – Master’s Distillery Visit

I met the ebullient Tom Warner, one of the speakers at our City Debate in June. Not only was I taken with his ability to win the argument and sway the audience on the night, but was lucky enough to be given an open invitation to visit Warner’s Gin.

It was an offer that was too good to turn down, setting off in the first week of August to the stunning family home and distillery site at Falls Farm in Harrington, Northamptonshire.

The warmest of welcomes from founders Tom and Tina, and their two colleagues, Conservation & Sustainability Manager, Jonny Easter and Liquid Innovation Manager, Rachel Sutherland.

Not for the first time in my year as Master, I was absolutely blown away by the knowledge, passion and dedication to the company’s sustainable ethos. It flowed from this young team.

100% natural range of spirits are distilled on the farm. Home grown produce resulting in a stunning range of flavours – gins infused with rhubarb, raspberry, elderflower … and the HoneyBee Gin, from honey from the bees’ hives on the farm, with whom I became very well acquainted during my tour!

Rachel’s experiments with fresh botanicals from rescued citrus peel and ginger, to banana and coriander is an art form in itself. Unique flavours and colours brought to the traditional backdrop canvass of spirit and juniper.

Everywhere I looked, there was nature at work, from these flavourings to the non-alcoholic Warner’s 0% also distilled using farm-grown ingredients. “0% Alcohol, 100% Natural” goes the tag-line and these refreshing alternatives to their more impactful alcoholic counterparts are a delight.

Enough words from me – the photos taken on a warm summer’s day in the heart of the English countryside speak for themselves. I hope that these give you some idea as to how much I enjoyed coming to this remarkable place.

Thank you to everyone at Warner’s, especially to Tom, Tina, Jonny and Rachel for such outstanding hospitality.

Chris Porter
Master 2021-22