The Joint Distillers and Marketors’ Panel Event

The Joint Distillers and Marketors’ Panel Event, on 2 November 2022, examined the escalating popularity of rum.

The theme was “2023: Rum’s Time to Shine”: all agreed there was no time like the present for rum to be the next ‘big thing’ – with good rums now showing the complexity of 20-year old Bordeaux wine; and rum in prime spot to exploit the present-day “ready to drink” boom already underway.

Venue was by Tower Bridge at the naval establishment HMS President.

Gavin Evans and Archie, CEO and student from Distillers’ charity Future Youth Zone, Dagenham, kicked off with a review of recent philanthropic activities.

Then Distillers’ Steve Wilson (owner Cockspur Rum) and Geoffrey Robinson (Brand ambassador for Santa Teresa, Bacardi), and from the Marketors, David Elmer and Andrew Watson gave views on the global potential for rum; audience questions followed on the ‘uni-sex’ nature of its appeal, regulation of rum vs its enforcement, and the psychological well-being of rum consumption!

The mantra “Rum is just fun and sun!” emerged.

After the panel, 10 cocktails were sampled – from the traditional old-fashioned to rum punch – supported by Latin American tapas. With mixologists aplenty, a steel band, Tower Bridge with Thames rippling past, it was an extraordinarily lovely and informative evening.