Inter-Livery Pétanque

On a humid but mercifully dry evening at the start of August, in the leafy confines of the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, representatives from 17 Livery Companies made up 28 teams taking part in this year’s Inter-Livery Pétanque Tournament.

The Vintners’ Company were keen to defend their victory last year and hang on to the coveted Cask Trophy, donated for this sporting purpose by the Coopers’ Company.

The Distillers fielded 3 teams, The Master & Mistress plus IPM Chris Porter, in team one, Master-Elect Lorne MacKillop and Mistress-Elect, Seana, and Immediate Past Consort, Alison Holdom in team two and a third team led by Edward Bates. Sadly, only Edward’s team prevailed through to the knock-out stages, only to fall foul of the Framework Knitters in the quarter finals.

We offer our congratulations to the winning team from The Architects’ Company, who were also each presented with a bottle of Master’s Cask and to the runners up from The Entrepreneurs’ Company.

Other Liveries that took part were from the Leather Sellers, Coopers, Vintners, Playing Card Makers, Butchers, Tax Advisors, Tobacco & Pipe Makers, Stationers, Young Freemen, Clockmakers, Dyers and Cooks.

“It’s been such a good evening. I think we may need a bigger pitch site next year, having had 17 teams last year and 28 this time. The Inter Livery Pétanque Challenge is clearly one that appeals, very competitive, yet played in the best spirit of fun and friendship which exists with fellow Livery men and women”

Event organiser, Chris Porter

Huge thanks go to Assistant Liveryman Ian Harris for his help and support with the organisation and to Mark Hadsell and Monty Quaia at the London Pétanque Club for their guidance and keeping everyone in order!

Last but by no means least, to Rob Dixon and Stephen Cronk from Maison Mirabeau who most generously provided a number of bottles of their wonderful Mirabeau Classic Provence Rose wines for everyone to enjoy.

It was the perfect accompaniment to an evening of Gallic pastime in a south London summer.     

Chris Porter
Immediate Past Master