Memory of the Industry – An Update

The Memory of the Industry project has been a twinkle in the eye of the livery for many years now, an acknowledgement of the unparalleled depth of knowledge that resides within the members of the livery, not to mention a network that is virtually unparalleled. Whilst individual companies have undertaken similar projects these are, by their nature focussed only on activities, brands and personalities of the company in question, the Memory of the Industry project has the ability to range across businesses and take an industry category view.

It has always been felt that the audience for project is potentially very wide, from the interested amateur to a more academic observer seeking a fly on the wall view of the some of our industry’s key moments. With the launch of the Business of Spirits Course however the Memory of the Industry project has the ability to offer our own WCD content to support this popular course.

Having been run aground somewhat by COVID we have now filmed two interviews, one with Past Master Martin Riley on the story of Jamesons, highlighting our ability to focus on an individual brand story and also one with Liveryman Steve Wilson on Innovation in the Spirits Industry demonstrating our ability to take a wider point of view.  Both videos took the format of a one-to-one interview with Development Director Clive Bairsto taking on the “Paxman” role. These videos are now with the Marketing Committee who are reviewing the best way to utilise this unique content.

A still from Steve Wilson’s Memory of the Industry video

Our next stage is to develop the project into a podcast format to enable us to deliver more “stories” more quickly and build a unique library of interviews with witnesses and indeed prime movers in some of our industry’s most important developments over the last 50 years. We currently have a list of around 50 topics to record however this is clearly not exhaustive so if you have a story to tell please get in touch through the Clerk’s Office:, we would be delighted to add you to our future recordings.

Allen Gibbons