Statement On Diversity & Inclusion

The Company believes that attracting a wider pool of talent to engage with our Livery Company will assist in building a City of London fit for the future and will contribute to the richness, enjoyment and success of our Livery.

The Company seeks to reflect the best of its history and also the history and tradition of the City and its institutions, whilst priding itself on being a modern organisation. It values and honours the best of the past, but is also committed to embracing change, and being forward looking.   In particular, we recognise that different people bring different perspectives, ideas, knowledge, and culture and that these differences bring great strength.

Our open culture is welcoming. Members, potential members and their guests should always feel comfortable, valued and included, irrespective of their background, sex, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, age, or disability. There is no place for racism or any form of discrimination in our Company.

We are committed to diversity, equality and inclusivity and fully support the City of London’s encouragement of the City Livery to adopt and promote a policy of awareness with regard to diversity.

Specifically, we will:

1. Ensure that we proactively:

  1. take into account the diversity mix of the Court, when making appointments to the Court and other related roles in the Company such as that of Steward and Honorary Steward.
  2. take into account the diversity mix of committees when appointments are made to committees and selecting leaders of such committees.
  3. search for talented people, from diverse backgrounds, who could make a contribution to the work of the Company and encourage them to consider joining.
  4. take into account the diversity of candidates when proposing them for the Freedom of the Company.
  5. introduce new people, from diverse backgrounds, to the Company, through invitations to functions, as speakers or guests.
  6. create a programme of annual events that are welcoming and open to all; and
  7. consider how the public image of the Company is perceived in photographs and on social media, when attending City, Livery Company or other events.

2. Implement a Conduct Protocol (including reporting mechanism) to ensure that our members are aware of what is expected of all of them (and their guests) when they are conducting the affairs of the Company, as well as when participating in our events.

3. Be transparent about the progress we are making on Diversity & Inclusion and provide regular updates to our membership and key stakeholders.

4.  The Company recognises that this Statement is a work in progress and it shall be kept under review to ensure our objectives and commitments are updated and amended to reflect the most up-to-date priorities and ambitions.