Development Director

Clive Bairsto CBE

Clive Bairsto

The Development Director has responsibility for developing and taking the Livery forward in 5 discreet areas. These span our Corporate relations, vocational training, charitable support, informal events and a heritage programme.

The Development Director manages the Corporate Membership Programme, with the key aims of: supporting and progressing the WCD to be at the ‘hub of the industry’; designing and rolling out a plan to introduce vocational training to the Livery and our industry partners; and facilitating mentoring (which neatly supports the primary aim). Charitable support focusses on increasing the WCD members’ activity with charity, by increased volunteer engagement and member contributions; this work will increase with a broader role around the Distillers’ Auction. In responding to the surveyed needs of the modern Livery, the Development Director has responsibility for creating and running an Informal Social Programme and assembling opportunities for convivial activity, thereby complementing the Livery’s formal events. Lastly, key work has been undertaken developing and sustaining a heritage programme around our Founder, Sir Theodore de Mayerne, and St Martin-in-the-Field.

Clive Bairsto, who joined the WCD in 2019 as a contractor and provides his services 2 days a week through a limited company, has a background across several sectors ranging from defence to utilities, training to education, and heritage to charity. Clive was a Global Head and Vice President at National Grid and, prior to that, served as the Director of Integration and Readiness for the LONDON 2012 Olympics. Preceding this, Clive was a senior officer in the Royal Air Force culminating in a role as the MOD’s worldwide Director of Strategic Contingency Planning.