Processions – 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage

Back in January we held the launch for the above at the Old Bailey, 'Processions' will commemorate 100 years since the first women in the UK won the vote and on Sunday 10th June 2018, thousands of women and girls will form four epic processions in the four political capitals of the UK – Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London. Given green, white or violet to wear, the colours of the suffrage movement whose initials stood for “Give Women Votes”, they will together create waves of colour as they celebrate the centenary of women’s suffrage. This will be the largest participatory artwork ever created as we 'march' down the Mall!

100 artists have been chosen to create 100 very special banners which we will 'march' with and they will tour as an exhibition after the event starting at our Guildhall in the City. The Old Bailey has been chosen as a theme for one of the banners and work has started on creating it with special reference to the Suffragettes who were tried in Number One Court, the women of the Bailey and all those associated with it. The City of London Corporation owns and runs Central Criminal Court and the Sheriffs that the Livery elect year live at work at the Bailey so we are all very much a part of what this banner represents.

Our group of Bailey Judges, the Lady Mayoress and the Shrieval Consorts would be delighted if female Freemen, Liverymen, Masters, Prime Wardens, Clerks and Consorts would join our group in what promises to be an hugely significant celebration! Attached is the registration form for Processions to register and below is the quick link, please register as an individual though and not a group.

So the date and time for your diary is: Sunday 10 June. They haven’t released the start and finish time yet as this will depend on projected numbers which they won’t be able to accurately estimate for a few weeks but it will not be before 11am. I will contact you nearer the time to give you our meeting place so that we can all 'march' together.

June 10th, 2018 11:00 AM