The Gin Guild

Gin has a rich and colourful history. From crazes to palaces, it has offered courage in battle, sparked riots and provoked law changes. It has been a medicine, a key cocktail ingredient and it even played a part in locating the magnetic north pole.

The Gin Guild aims to ensure gin’s prominent place in the future, by bringing together gin distillers and industry leaders involved in the production, promotion, distribution and consumption of gin.

The Gin Guild promotes and encourages commitment to excellence in gin distillation and industry custodianship of the spirit category.

The Guild only recognises gin styles produced by distilling ethyl alcohol in stills traditionally used for gin, in the presence of juniper berries and other botanicals – provided that the juniper taste is predominant.

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Desmond Payne installed as Grand Rectifier

Desmond Payne is installed as Grand Rectifier of The Gin Guild, succeeding Lesley Gracie

The Gin Guild has installed Desmond Payne MBE as its new Grand Rectifier at a memorable member installation event on 20th October 2023 which saw the Guild welcome distillers from India, Australia, and for the first time, Chile.

Desmond Payne MBE, Beefeater Gin Master Distiller Emeritus, who has received not one but two lifetime achievement awards for his work in the industry, was appointed as Grand Rectifier following Lesley Gracie, Master Distiller of Hendricks Gin’s two-year term in office.

“It is an honour to be installed as the new Grand Rectifier of the Gin Guild but it is also a pleasure and a delight to take up this position after a lifetime spent in the production and promotion of this fine spirit.”

Desmond Payne MBE

“Being an active part of The Gin Guild means joining a fantastic network of gin experts and industry colleagues. This expansion solidifies The Guild’s position at the heart of the global gin industry, dedicated to fostering excellence and camaraderie.

The welcoming of these new members, including our first corporate members from Australia and Chile, has demonstrated our dedication to promoting international collaboration and recognising the global appeal of our timeless spirit.

I’d like to thank the Desmond for accepting the role of Grand Rectifier, and would like to pay tribute to our wonderful outgoing Grand Rectifier Lesley Gracie for her fantastic support during her time in office”

Pal Gleed, Director General of The Gin Guild