Vocational Training and Education


Vocational Training and Education (VT&E) has been at the core of Livery activity for centuries. In 2020 an in-depth review was undertaken with a broad section of our Livery. 

The findings indicated a great desire for training and career support, especially among younger and aspiring members of the industry, and smaller companies. By listening to our current members and “potential” future members needs, significant changes in the WCD’s strategy and initiatives are now being taken in order to step change the impact of our efforts in the future – with a new dynamic 3-year plan, starting this year.

In response to your feedback, here are just some of the key changes summarised; 

We will:

  • Support over 100 students. 
  • Increase the money spent in this key area of the Livery by a factor of 3 in 2021 alone. 
  • Ensure the impact of our financial support on students and scholars is meaningful by meeting the course fees in full. 
  • Increase the focus and share of money on less advantaged candidates – more bursaries and less scholarships (though still encouraging select top performers). Embrace diversity within the industry and our spend strategy will reflect that. 
  • Have much closer engagement with award winners, communicate our activities and support them in broader ways, building longer-term relationships.
  • Use the rich source of skills and knowledge that resides amongst our members to provide a powerful new mentoring programme, and also networking opportunities for all our student recipients.
  • Make it easier for our Corporate and SME members and their employees to navigate the wide range of training courses available outlined on this section of the website. 
  • Respond to the need identified across our SME’s, students, and partners for training and knowledge transfer across wider functions. The needs go beyond distilling and rectification but across the wider disciplines of Marketing, Sales, Exporting, Distributor Management, Innovation and Finance. Our aim is to develop Talks /modules in support of these areas.
  • Seek to link our students to practical work placement. 
  • Forge even closer relations with our training partners.

Please click HERE to visit the education and scholarship pages for the latest courses and awards available.

Applications must be made via each of our three VT&E partners not the Worshipful Company of Distillers.